Tribal Tulip Earrings


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These fabric earrings come from the Hmong hill tribes of Northern Thailand. The Hmong people are known for their intricate embroidery and masterful silver smithing. We've sourced these earrings from rare Hmong markets in Chiang Mai. Because the tribes are remote and difficult to travel to, Hmong people often bring their crafts into the city for only one or two days a week. This method allows the Hmong people to sell their wares without the invasiveness of tourists, who tend to disrupt everyday life in the village. Each pair is a unique cut of fabric, no two are the same.

  • Color and style of embroidery may vary
  • Fabric earring on silver hook with glass bead
  • Earring measures approximately 2.5" 
  • SKU: ZZTRE12

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