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Our Story


"My love for adventure and travel started my journey to Asia, Africa and throughout the American continent in 1985 and opened my eyes to the colors and patterns of the many traditional handicrafts I encountered. With merchant genes in my blood, combined with my love for art and fashion, I started designing and importing from Nepal, Thailand and India and selling my treasures at music festivals across the globe.

Zig Zag Asian Collection was founded in 1998 in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains in Northern California.

Many of the relationships I established back in those early years have been long lasting. Our love and gratitude for the people we work with, our appreciation for their skills and our admiration for their traditions, in addition to our passion for color, textiles and Asian craftsmanship keep us connected to the other side of world.

We work with family businesses, small workshops, women’s collectives and cottage industries. Our collection is entirely handmade in Nepal, India and the northern and eastern part of Thailand.

Our mission is simple; we are committed to honesty and fairness in all of our business dealings and we provide unique high quality goods to our customers. We promote sustainable production processes and support the artisans and communities in which they work and live. The return is a celebration of hope, tradition, creativity and beauty.

Thank you for being part of our journey."

Afrid Ghoffrani, Owner & Founder


Upcoming Events

August 24 + 25: Mountain Sol Festival

August 24 + 25: Mountain Sol Festival

Saturday + Sunday August 24th-25th 2024 Mountain Sol Festival @ Roaring Camp5355 Graham Hill Road, Felton, California Santa Cruz Mountain Sol is a weekend outdoor music festival Aug 24 & 25, 20...

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June 29 + 30: Here Comes The Sun

June 29 + 30: Here Comes The Sun

Friday + Saturday June 29th-30th 2024 Hallcrest Vineyards379 Felton Empire Road, Felton, California Hallcrest Vineyards hosts a Weekend blowout featuring wine, cider and other beverages with artisa...

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