Brushed Woven Collection
Hand-loomed by artisans in Nepal, these items are a cozy acrylic/cotton blend. After the weaving process, the material is brushed to bring out its incredible softness. These products are machine washable, vegan and fair trade. Every item in our brushed woven collection is available in 53 solid colors and 8 stripes. Some pilling, variation in color, or loose threads may occur. These items are handmade, and those conditions to not constitute defects. 
Leather Products
Our handmade leather products are made from naturally cured water buffalo hide in Southern Nepal.  No chemicals are introduced in the process. Color variations may be found due to the natural oils in the leather.  Wipe the leather with a soft cloth to remove any marks. Frequent use will soften the leather and bring out the natural glow of the product.
Indigo & Embroidery
Indigo is a way to dye fabric a rich blue using traditional methods. Many of our indigo products are created using a "wax-resist" technique, in which a wax is applied to the fabric in intricate patterns. When the indigo is dyed, the wax is scraped off, and the result is a unique, handcrafted textile. Other indigo products are dyed using a tie-dyed method. Our indigo products come from Eastern Thailand. Our embroidered products exhibit a wide array of unique colors & patterns. Most of our hand-embroidered items come from the Hmong tribes of Northern Thailand: an ethnic group known for their distinctive textiles and intricate embroidery. 
We sell a wide array of ethnic jewelry, including glass beads, traditional malas, and tribal earrings. Undoubtedly, our most popular is our sterling silver, sourced from Nepal & Thailand. All jewelry is handmade, and often hand-stamped, giving each individual piece a distinct human touch. Our tribal silver from Thailand is sourced from the hill tribes, whose origin dates back to the 12th century. Hill tribe silver is traditionally a higher percentage of silver. Consequently, it has an unmistakable color and feel. Every piece is individually handmade.