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Our Products

Hand-loomed by artisans in Nepal, these items are a cozy acrylic/cotton blend. After the weaving process, the material is brushed to bring out its incredible softness. These products are machine washable, vegan and fair trade. Every item in our brushed woven collection is available in 53 solid colors and 8 stripes.These colors are available in Blankets, Shawls, Scarves, Hats, Gloves, and Ponchos.
Some pilling, variation in color, or loose threads may occur. These items are handmade, and those conditions to not constitute defects. 
These cotton products are handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal. The fabric is available in an array of colors in solids and stripes. The traditional looming process creates a soft, breathable cotton that gets softer with usage. It is a perfect lightweight cotton for the warmer summer months, and can also be layered to be worn in winter. This is a special addition to any outfit, adding comfort to casual and fancy looks, alike! Although we recommend washing in cold water and hang drying, they can be washed in the washing machine. Due to the nature of the cotton fabric,  washing in warm/hot water will shrink these items up to 1/2" in length. 
Indigo is a way to dye fabric a rich blue using traditional methods. Many of our indigo products are created using a "wax-resist" technique, in which a wax is applied to the fabric in intricate patterns. When the indigo is dyed, the wax is scraped off, and the result is a unique, handcrafted textile. Other indigo products are dyed using a tie-dyed method. Our indigo products come from Eastern Thailand.
We source our tribal bags from different geographical areas known for their traditional embroidery, and upcycled vintage fabrics. Our embroidered products exhibit a wide array of unique colors & patterns, from the Thai hill tribes such as Akha, Hmong and Lius. Most tribal bags are slightly unique, giving every piece a distinct human touch.
Our colorful mats are handcrafted in cottage industries by Thai women, who fold and sew them from upcycled fabric scraps. This reduces the amount of textile waste that would otherwise go to landfill. Each mat is its own unique piece of art designed by the individual crafts-women. They are durable and machine washable, and have a cotton lining underneath. When you choose our mats we can supply you with photos of available stock and you can hand select your favorite one.
Our 'soft' rocks are hand felted in Nepal from 100% wool. These rocks are available in four sizes, three colors and two shapes. Like natural rocks, they have unique patterns that make them all one of a kind. The small and medium rocks can be used for display/decoration, while the large and extra large rocks are perfect for sitting floor pillows or mediation pillows.
Our most popular sterling silver jewelry is handcrafted in Nepal and Thailand, following traditional methods.This is reflected in the masterful silversmithing and stone setting from our artisans in Nepal. Our tribal jewelry is sourced from Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand. Each design is hand-molded and hand-stamped, giving every piece of jewelry a distinct human touch. Hill Tribe silver contains a high percentage of silver than sterling. Consequently, handmade Thai silver jewelry has an unmistakable glow. Every piece is individually handmade.