Upcycled Mandala Mat


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These one-of-a-kind mats are available in an array of different sizes. They're made out of new-upcycled cotton/polyester fabric scraps, and lined with quilted backing. Each piece of fabric is hand folded and sewn into a mandala style design. These mats are made by Thai house wives, which allows them to work from home. 

Each mat is unique and one of a kind, colors and patterns vary. Requests can be made in the notes.

  • new-upcycled cotton/polyester fabric scraps
  • hand made in Thailand
  • SKU: ZZMM8 ( mini: 9"), ZZMM1 ( small: 20"), ZZMM2 ( half circle: 29" x 16"), ZZMM4 ( medium: 30"), ZZMM3 (large: 40), ZZMM5 ( extra large: 60")

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