Welcome to 2023!

This season, we’re looking on the bright side with our vibrant new Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Our newest additions are the embodiment of Santa Cruz style: sunny, fresh, and free-spirited. Harmonious and colorful co-ords make it possible to mix and match the perfect beachcombing attire. This season we’ve also expanded our incredible line of ethically sourced bags; mixing vintage and contemporary styles. We pride ourselves on being a company who caters to everyone. We include a wide variety of sizes, styles, and price-ranges to accommodate every genre of shopper. 

We invite our customers to remain mindful of the fact that the pandemic continues to hinder infrastructure and distribution throughout the world. You may notice an increase in price in some items since last year. This is to ensure we maintain a fair share for our craftspeople. Part of the “slow fashion” movement is recognizing the obstacles in the supply chain, and sticking to ethical practices nevertheless. We love our grassroots network of artisans abroad, and when you purchase these products, you help support their livelihoods, especially now. 

We strive to remain aware of our environmental impact. The most beneficial thing we can do for our environment is cease the production of poorly made fast fashion. By purchasing clothing that lasts, we can minimize our impact on the Earth.

We thank you, our customers, for your continued commitment to a more sustainable future. 


Afrid, Roxane, Suki & Liz