Welcome to 2022!
Our clothing is designed in-house by us, a team of 3 women, and produced by our artisans in Nepal & Thailand, with whom we’ve been growing for over 20 years, mixing traditional techniques with contemporary fashion. 
As the season shifts to warm, longer days and more opportunities to enjoy the sun, we’re proud to present our new Spring Summer 2022 Collection. This new line features cheeky vintage style crochet, comfy organic cottons, and soft effortless bohemian loungewear. Perfectly draped in bright colors and luxurious lightweight fabric, many of these pieces carry over from beachside essentials to effortless eveningwear. With this new collection we aim to embody the feeling of a Santa Cruz Summer: sustainable, playful, and carefree. 
We invite our customers to remain mindful of the fact that the pandemic continues to hinder infrastructure  and distribution throughout the world. Part of the “slow fashion” movement is recognizing the obstacles in the supply chain, and sticking to ethical practices nevertheless. We love our grassroots network of artisans abroad, and when you choose to purchase these products, you help support their livelihoods, especially now.
We thank you, our customers, for your continued commitment to a more sustainable future. 
Afrid, Roxane, Suki